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*List any awards, certifications, other recognition or pertinent information given to your nominee(s) that would support the nomination for Women of the Year: (recent examples e.g. newspaper articles, letter of endorsement, etc. should be mailed to the K-W Oktoberfest Inc. office).

*How has the nominee(s) made an important contribution or lasting impact in the Waterloo Region community, either through volunteer work or professionally?

*Was the nominee's contribution through work (paid position) or volunteering (unpaid)? Explain.

*How does the nominee's involvement inspire those around her/them?

*What qualities make the nominee(s) someone to admire?

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If you prefer not to attach the files, supporting documents can be mailed to 17 Benton Street, Kitchener, ON N2G3G9 (attention Women of the Year Committee) or can be faxed to 519-742-3072. Please ensure they are mailed or faxed by the deadline.

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