Past Nominee Spotlight – Dawne Taylor Gilders

Our first spotlight introduces Dawne Taylor Gilders, a past Women of the Year nominee. Dawne shares her experience and, similar to many of her fellow nominees, a story that touches the tip of the iceberg on her contribution to her profession and the community.  We can only imagine how hard it is to accept a nomination, much less ask for letters of support, for a nominee as humble as Dawne!

Nominee: Dawne Taylor Gilders
Year you were nominated: 2010 & 2014
Category in which you were nominated: Entrepreneur in 2010 & Professional in 2014

Tell us about your work in the community that led to the nomination.
I am the publisher/editor and owner of snapd KW Media. Launched in June of 2007, snapd Kitchener-Waterloo is a community media outlet providing a FREE monthly publication and online community connector, specializing in all-positive and entertaining views of the community; allowing event submissions from local businesses, organizations and the community alike. We cover everything from community business functions and charitable events, to parties, sporting events, concerts and general daily life. Snapdkw is unlike any other publication across the region. Our innovative design puts locals in the spotlight, creating an enormous sense of value in ‘local’ – as well as, instilling community pride, by highlighting all of the excitement and positive goings on throughout our community.

Tell us about your first reaction when you were approached about accepting a nomination for Women of the Year.
I was actually a little shocked. I just do what I do and I love it. To be honoured for it, is special. It gave me a sense of pride. I felt that I must be doing something right and making some kind of impact. Excited!

Tell us about your experience as a nominee. What was your favourite part?
At the event itself, it was nice to be acknowledged. As a nominee, there was some work involved. I had to ask for support letters from others. I can’t say that was my favourite. It actually made me feel uncomfortable.

Tell us about your experience at the award ceremony.
I enjoyed sitting with my family, as well as friends who were also nominated. I loved being there to cheer them on. One of my best friends won in my category and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. I was honoured to be considered among so many other great women.

What are you doing now to continue your service to the community?
I continue to do what I do. I love my career and the community I live in. I love connecting people, making people smile, and helping promote businesses.

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